Hospital managers are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of the healthcare they provide while at the same time optimizing their processes.

By modernizing physicians’ on-call and clinical schedules, managers can achieve these goals without necessarily hiring additional medical or administrative staff. Having on-call physicians’ schedules and contact information in one centralized location, which is easy to access and updated in real time, correlates with several advantages.


This whitepaper shows how hospitals can take advantage of:

  • Digital on-call schedules
  • A centralized On-call list updated in real-time
  • Data made available by the digitalization
  • A mobile app to communicate directly with on-call physicians

The implementation was completed in less than a month and 95% of users needed no training. A session was set up to reassure staff who are less comfortable with smartphones. Currently, more than 99% of physicians are satisfied. 

Patrick Clares

Project Manager at Le Vinatier Hospital (France), Human Resources Information System

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