Petal On-Call by the Numbers

Icon-physicians 37,000 Physicians using PetalMD
icon-calls@2x 50 Less time to reach an on-call physician
icon-reduce-time 75 Reduction in time spent on identifying on-call physicians

How Petal On-Call Helps You

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Medical Directors and Hospital Managers

With data and reports, Petal On-Call gives you a clear view of your medical service offering, and insights for improving patient experience and staff performance.  




Petal On-Call gives you real-time access to schedules so you’re never again woken up in the middle of the night due to a on-call scheduling error.


Hospital Personnel


Consolidated and digitalized schedules eliminate the need for manual transcriptions and outdated paper copies, reducing errors and response time, and increasing staff productivity.

Why PetalMD  


Proven solutions designed with physicians for physicians  


Ongoing collaboration with healthcare stakeholders to improve solutions


Cutting-edge technology that integrates with existing systems


Largest community of physicians in Canada


Dedicated department for supporting your team’s success


Unprecedented data collection used to improve healthcare

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"The deciding factor to go with PetalMD was to have all the departments on one platform and the ability to access your schedule from home, on your smartphone, anywhere, anytime."

Chief of Staff

"It’s really easy for me to see which physician is on-call and to access the contact information of my colleagues. Everything is accessible from my phone and up-to-date."

Physician, Grand River Hospital

"The wow experience is that the IT department hasn’t heard anything since the implementation of PetalMD, which means that it is working fine."

Chief Information Officer

"On a scale of 1 to 10, the experience in developing the departmental consoles with PetalMD's team is 15. They patiently set up each module for every department, answering all the questions, being available early morning, late at night, according to the physician’s availability. This has been a major factor in our success story."

Executive Assistant to the Medical Chief of Staff

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