Petal Scheduling by the Numbers

Physicians 37,000 Physicians on PetalMD
Save time 80 Reduction in scheduling time
Read Messages 75 PetalMD messages read in a day
Physician Shift Swaps 360,000 Average physician shift swaps yearly

How Petal Scheduling Helps You



Quickly plan your group’s schedule, respecting absences, equity, and other constraints, so you can get back to your other, more important tasks.



With real-time access to group data you gain greater autonomy, flexibility, and efficiency in your practice.

Hospital and Health Institutions Managers

Administrative Staff

Gain a clearer view of the physicians’ group schedule so you know who is available and when they are available.

Why Petal Scheduling 


Proven solution designed with physicians for physicians 


Ongoing collaboration with physicians to improve solution


Complies with HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, and other security standards


Cutting-edge technology


Dedicated department for supporting your team’s success


Unprecedented data collection used to improve your scheduling process

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"The software automatically builds a schedule with shifts that are more spread out, which positively affects a physician’s work-life balance as they have more time to rest between shifts."

Chief Planner, Peterborough Regional Health Center

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"The support team is excellent! If not immediately, I get an answer within 24 hours of my request."

Chief Planner, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) in Ottawa

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"The different calendar views are very easy to navigate. I can clearly see the shifts I have booked off, who is working with me during the day and who is available for a shift trade."

Doctor, Stratford General Hospital

"As a scheduler, I can let the physicians organize their own schedule without having to interfere, and once the shift trades are done, the schedule is updated right away. It’s very convenient."

Doctor, St­-Jérôme Hospital

"Petal Scheduling is easy for physicians to learn and the mobile application is useful on a daily basis."

Doctor, Grand River Hospital

"It’s really easy for me to see which physician is on-call and to access the contact information of my colleagues. Everything is accessible from my phone and up-to-date."

Doctor, Grand River Hospital

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