7 Benefits of Petal Booking for Medical Clinics

Medical clinic performance depends not only on the number of physicians, but also on the technological tools used by all staff. Here are 7 reasons why a growing number of medical clinic managers choose the Petal Booking solution to meet their health care access challenges.


1. Increased patient satisfaction

While 90% of Canadian respondents say they would like to be able to book their medical appointments online, only 7% of Canadian physicians offer this service. Contrary to what you may think, this number includes seniors, who are using the Internet more and more frequently. The more patients book their appointments online, the shorter the wait time for those who prefer to use the telephone.

Petal Booking offers clinics the possibility of having their own online appointment booking portal. Patients can create an account, register their family members, see physicians’ available time slots and explain the reason for their visit. Our team will take care of integrating the appointment booking portal into your website or creating a web page for you.

Petal Booking Perk

  • Build loyalty among your patients by getting them accustomed to using your personalized appointment booking portal

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2. Simplified administrative tasks

Did you know that the administrative staff of a typical medical clinic spends more than 400 hours a year on the phone simply reminding patients of their appointments?

Petal Booking allows you to automate phone reminders and to simplify several other administrative tasks by computerizing appointment management. From a single interface, staff can create customizable schedules and schedule templates, view appointment history, edit patient records, access physician availabilities and manage the appointment schedule. Centralizing administrative tasks in a single computerized solution gives staff a clear view of the clinic’s operations and saves a considerable amount of time.

Petal Booking Perks

  • Free your administrative staff from repetitive tasks so that they can spend more time on other value-added activities
  • Centralize appointment management
  • Take advantage of fully computerized records and schedules

3. Fewer missed appointments (no shows)

Appointments that are missed, whether because they are forgotten or cancelled at the last minute, can be a real problem for a medical clinic. In addition to reducing revenue, they negatively impact access to health care. For example, studies show that an increase in the rate of missed appointments is accompanied by an increase in the amount of time between the date an appointment is booked and the date of the appointment itself.

Petal Booking allows medical clinics to prevent missed appointments by automatically sending reminders and confirmation requests by email, telephone or text message. It is even possible to attach instructions and forms to reminder emails in order to speed up processing when the patient arrives at the clinic. The patient can confirm or cancel their appointment by responding with a simple “1” or “2” by text message, which prevents last-minute cancellations. Numerous studies cited by Canada Health Infoway show that these measures considerably reduce the rate of missed appointments.


Petal Booking Perks

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