Meeting Canadian Surgeons

Meeting Canadian Surgeons

Our team has just returned from the 2018 National Capital General Surgery Symposium and we are pleased to see that Canadian surgeons were thrilled with the idea of modernizing their scheduling management and creation processes. 

Surgeons Become Technological Ambassadors

Some of the 1,000 Canadian surgeons who are already using our solution took the time to come and see us, which has led to some very enlightening discussions. For example, one of these physicians told us that, after changing hospitals, he introduced the Petal Scheduling solution to his new colleagues, who adopted it in no time. We’re always happy to meet such ambassadors!

Speaking of which, we would like to thank all our physician users, who are specialized in cardiac, plastic, thoracic, vascular and general surgery, that continue to offer referrals to our solutions. Thanks to you, as of today, over 80 surgeon groups are optimizing the creation and management of their schedules with our technology

You Weren’t There for the Presentation of Our Scheduling Solution?

You participated in the event, but didn’t have the time to come see us? Or maybe you just couldn’t make it to the event at all? Either way, if you would like to know how Petal Scheduling which was designed specifically with medical specialist in mind) can help you plan and manage your schedule; we invite you to download our introductory document. It is the same one that was distributed at the event.


sched-productsheet_fr-c1_stroke3 (1).png

Download this whitepaper to get:

A detailed description of every Petal Scheduling features

Screenshots that provide a concrete overview of our interface and the user experience 

Pricing plans


About the University of Ottawa

The National Capital General Surgery Symposium is an initiative of the Office of Continuing Professional Development and the Division of General Surgery from the University of Ottawa. The Office of Continuing Professional Development supports physicians, scientists, medical educators and affiliated healthcare professionals in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec by providing innovative, practical and evidence-informed education programs. While the Division of General Surgery supports research in basic science, clinical outcomes, and surgical education. It also hosts an annual divisional research day to recognize trainees for outstanding achievement in research.

 We had a great time at the Symposium and look forward hearing about your impressions of the Symposium. Do not hesitate to get in touch!

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Jim Waters, Healthcare Technology Advisor

Written by Jim Waters, Healthcare Technology Advisor

Jim Waters holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and has over 20 years of experience in the field of medical technology. Prior becoming a health technology consultant at PetalMD, Jim began his career as a software developer. Among his accomplishments, he developed a medical billing software for physicians and a patients scheduling module. During his career as part of a company specializing in medical technology, he quickly distinguished himself as a top health technology adviser. Jim has a wealth of knowledge regarding health systems, which allows him to deeply understand the intricate challenges that hospital physicians and leaders face daily in order to direct them to the best technological solutions available.