The Coaticook Medical Clinic improves its patient services with Petal Booking

Since October 2017, the Coaticook Medical Clinic has been offering its patients the option to book medical appointments through its website and receive appointment reminders by SMS, email or phone.

In announcing its new service, the clinic specified that the platform was “user-friendly and free of charge for the clientele of the clinic,” two aspects that management takes very seriously. The clinic also mentioned that one of its main goals was to increase time for more complex calls, since appointments made online don’t require any contact with the staff.

Time saved for Coaticook Medical Clinic staff and patients: The figures

The Coaticook Medical Clinical manages around 25,000 appointments per year, or about 480 per week. According to our data, once the majority of patients registered at a clinic are informed that they can book their appointments through the website (which can take a few months), the proportion of appointments made online can reach 50%. Since the average time to make a single appointment on the phone is estimated to be 2.7 minutes, the Coaticook Medical Clinic’s telephone line will eventually be freed up for the equivalent of over 10 hours per week. 

By automating all appointment reminders, the staff also saves the equivalent of 52 hours of work per month, given that the average time to make a reminder call is estimated to be 90 seconds. The time saved can considerably improve access to healthcare and the quality of patient services. 

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Patients can also receive confirmation requests inviting them to confirm or cancel their appointment by responding “1” or “2” via text message. When patients cancel appointments in advance, time slots are instantly opened up for other patients, which improves access to the clinic. 

Finally, integrating Petal Booking into the electronic medical record (EMR) already in use at the clinic allows physicians to continue working from the interface they are familiar with. Physicians don’t have to spend time learning a new interface or using multiple tools.

Making the healthcare system more efficient, one clinic at a time

Would you like your medical clinic to improve its patient services by modernizing its technology? Consider Petal Booking, a solution for managing patient appointments that was developed in collaboration with some of the 32,000 physician users of PetalMD solutions.

In addition to offering a user-friendly online portal at no cost for patients, Petal Booking provides advanced management features that automate and optimize a number of manual tasks for medical clinics. Through PetalMD’s continuous investment in research and development, medical clinics will soon be able to take advantage of analytics features designed to optimize clinic performance based on patient volume. That is how the unparalleled expertise that PetalMD has acquired in optimizing the operations of healthcare institutions over the past eight years is helping medical clinics and their patients.

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