Connect Your PetalMD Calendar to Your Xacte RAMQ Billing Solution

RAMQ billing should never interfere with the time doctors spend with patients and neither should the planning of their timetables. With that in mind, we are proud to deploy a groundbreaking integration between the Petal Scheduling solution and the Xacte solution that now supplies a one-click billing feature.

This integration allows physicians to bill events such as: 

  • On-call fees

  • Training sessions

  • Departmental or clinical meetings

  • Committees

  • Lecture clubs

  • Academic meetings

  • Training sessions for doctors, students or other health professionals.

Save Time and Revenues

All of PetalMD’s innovations are leaning toward that simple but critical quest to facilitate and accelerate administrative tasks so physicians can spend time caring for their patients, and that integration is no different.

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Automatic Billing of Events in the PetalMD’s Calendar using Xacte


It's a known fact that a lot of doctors do not bill everything they are entitled to, because of time constraints or compliancy complexity issues. This new integration will prevent considerable revenue loss while saving our doctors precious time. No more forgetting to bill those administrative activities.

Furthermore, our systems also allow those meetings to be fully compliant with RAMQ’s rules and regulations. Another massive benefit to choosing our very own single and complete health managing solution.

Free Integration for PetalMD and Xacte Clients

All physicians currently using the Petal Scheduling product and billing with Xacte can now bill those activities, at no additional charge and with one simple click, directly from their PetalMD work calendar. Contact us at or call us at 1-855-799-2283 to register with our complete package and start right away. For your practice and your patients, our solutions are the whole package.

Xacte | Product Sheet  Simplify Your Medical Billing with the RAMQ Download