PetalMD nominated at the Digital Transformation Awards

Great news for the PetalMD team! The company has just been named a finalist in the Digital Transformation Awards for the "Artificial Intelligence Disruptor" category, a new addition to the 2018 awards. This marks the third nomination highlighting PetalMD's innovation this summer, following the Medlys Gala and the Microsoft IMPACT Awards.

The Digital Transformation Awards program was created by ITWC in 2017 to highlight model organizations regarding commercial and organizational digital transformation in Canada. The awards ceremony will take place on August 14, 2018, in Toronto and will be hosted by none other than Kevin Peesker, President of Microsoft Canada. The Government of Canada's Chief Information Officer (CIO), Alex Benay, will open the Digital Transformation Conference, which will be held before the ceremony.

As it name suggests, the "Artificial Intelligence Disruptor" category recognizes companies or organizations who are transforming the market with artificial intelligence. How did PetalMD managed to stand out?

Artificial Intelligence at the Heart of PetalMD Innovation

In the early 2010s, PetalMD made a name for itself in the healthcare industry with its physician scheduling solution. As of today, Petal Scheduling is still the company’s most widely used tool. At the time of its development, the solution already used a form of avant-garde AI: relying on a complex algorithm and variables specific to physician groups, it tests thousands of possibilities simultaneously and offers the best possible shift distribution.

10 Benefits of Petal Scheduling for Physicians in Hospital Settings - Whitepaper



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Key features and benefits


Over the years, PetalMD has developed many technological innovations such as its secure messaging, which was used to send more than 1.5 million secure messages in 2017, or its appointment management system for medical clinics, which processes hundreds of thousands of appointments for more than one million patients. But its biggest achievement is probably the PetalMD Hospital Platform, which has been growing in popularity since 2016 and is now deployed for entire health networks with several health facilities.

Today, PetalMD puts artificial intelligence at the heart of its innovation strategy and is constantly using it to improve solutions, particularly the hospital platform. Based on the number and type of medical appointments in a hospital, data and AI can provide managers with physician schedules that meet the needs of patients according to the specific situation of their institution.

Healthcare Supply vs Healthcare Demand

About the 2018 Digital Transformation Awards

Created by ITWC, the number one technology content company in Canada, the Digital Transformation Awards are in their second year. The quality of this recognition program is attested by some of the biggest names in the Canadian technology industry, including IDC, the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), the CIO Association of Canada, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) and several other organizations. The jury is composed of senior leaders in the technology industry to ensure the quality and relevance of every finalist.

Judges of the 2018 Awards

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