Supporting A Local Shelter: Lauberivière

A strong community produces strong people and companies. PetalMD believes in helping organizations that strive to better the lives of the people in its community. This is why PetalMD employees rushed to the unveiling of Lauberivière's new financial campaign. With the goal of raising $700K, the organisation is aiming to support the increasing demand for its services.

Since its opening in 1983, Lauberivière has offered services such as soup kitchens, sleep accommodations, financial planning, a thrift store and resources to help the less fortunate start or return to the workforce.


As a refuge to the homeless men and women of Québec City, Lauberivière has truly become a shelter where people feel respected, comforted and understood. This is exactly why PetalMD is a proud supporter of the organization.

Supporting a Good Cause

In an effort to raise money for their cause, Lauberivière invited key participants to their gathering at a neighbouring church. The key people who were present included the mayor of Québec City, Mr. Régis Labeaume, the Archbishop of Québec, Mr. Gérald Lacroix, and the general director of Lauberivière, Mr. Éric Boulay.


A frequent user of the organization's services also spoke at the unveiling, attesting to how Lauberivière helped her enormously.

“I love my life now. Their services have helped me find a stability and routine in my life that I no longer had.” - Nathalie.

Lauberivière has helped countless people over the years. Martin, for example, communicated to them that he had no other place to go and that since he found their services, his self-esteem and confidence has returned and he now has hope for his future.

During the event, the organization also released their new logo, which represents a flame being reignited, mirroring what they do for the people of their community, reigniting hope and happiness. A great organization to support.

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