Give Physicians the Gift of Time this Holiday Season

The holidays usually center around snow, presents and time with extended family. As a physician, it also generates chaos.

Being a doctor is a 24-hour job. Physicians will always be present, no matter the time or the holiday. That being said, not everyone wants to work during the holidays. So how does one plan the division of shifts equitably? With a lot of time, sweat and tears.

As doctors, you send your absence requests to your group planner, hoping they receive them and grant your vacation time. As a planner, you spend an enormous amount of time gathering physician absences and planning your group schedule accordingly. This time is unfortunately amplified during the holidays as there are always last minute emergencies, changes and unforeseen events.

You plan the schedule as equitably as possible, but what about you? You will get the same division of shifts as your colleagues, but you will have spent a large amount of time planning this outcome.

Technology Saves Time for You and Your Group

Whether a group planner or not, you know the time involved in creating and managing a department schedule. Using schedule creation tools cuts back the process time significantly, letting planners spend that precious time with their families instead this holiday season.

These scheduling tools also allow the entire group to:


  • Easily submit their absence requests;
  • Exchange shifts easily between physicians
  • Send each other quick texts via secure messaging;
  • View their schedules and the group’s in real-time;
  • Share important documents amongst themselves;
  • And more.

As a planner, you save time creating and managing the schedule and the physicians in your group save time submitting their absences and switching shifts amongst themselves. All of the functionalities available in the free option provide essential tools to everyone.

Give the Best Free Gift: Time

As a recurring tradition, we spend the holidays running around chasing sales. We find the best items we feel will please our loved ones, whatever the cost. But, what if we start a new tradition this year? What if we gave a precious commodity that cannot be bought; Time.

With the features present in the PetalMD scheduling solutions, the entire group saves time not only this holiday season, but all year long as well! It is the best FREE gift you will give this year.

Having a real-time view of the schedule also ensures that the right on-call physician is contacted. No matter when last minute changes are made, the schedule is updated automatically and synchronized to all group users. Don’t get called in by mistake this holiday season. Let this actually be the most wonderful time of the year.


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