PetalMD at the National Capital General Surgery Symposium

PetalMD at the National Capital General Surgery Symposium

Saturday, January 27, 2018, PetalMD will take part in the 2018 National Capital General Surgery Symposium, a training event that will bring together surgeons from across Canada. 

PetalMD for surgeons

Are you one of the 1,000 Canadian surgeons who is already using our schedule management solution for physicians? Will you also be attending the symposium? Please take a moment to come say hello and share your feedback with us during the event!

If you are not yet familiar with Petal Scheduling but would like to know why a growing number of surgeons are automating their schedule creation and management with this innovative solution, we encourage you to stop by the PetalMD booth. We would love to answer any questions you may have concerning Petal Scheduling’s ability to adapt to the reality of your medical service.

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About the National Capital General Surgery Symposium 2018

The National Capital General Surgery Symposium is a one-day training event for general surgeons that is organized by the University of Ottawa’s Office of Continuing Professional Development and Surgery Department. The presentations given during the 2018 symposium will focus on breast diseases, colorectal cancer, hernia issues, and acute care surgery topics. This conference will allow participants to dialogue and network with other general surgery specialists.

Presentations being given at the event

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