PetalMD Leads Physician Communication with its secure messaging tool

PetalMD's Specialized Secure Messaging for Physicians

At a time when communication is increasingly time sensitive, especially in healthcare, PetalMD launches a mobile application where physicians can discuss amongst each other easily, rapidly and most important of all, securely.

Starting October 4th, physicians across Canada will be able to join the largest and fastest growing network of more than 22,000 physicians. The need to go through normal, SLOW hospital channels is over. Physicians will now be able to immediately exchange messages with their colleagues in a secure manner, no matter where they work.


Secure Messaging at a Glance

  • Direct Communication: PetalMD’s messaging avoids the need to go through intermediaries and lengthy communication channels.
  • Access to over 25,000 Physicians: The secure messaging tool allows access to PetalMD’s growing network of physicians across Canada.
  • Secure Communication: PetalMD’s secure connection based on encrypted data ensures the confidentiality of all messages and information exchanged.


The pain point of healthcare communication

Even in today’s technological world, communication in healthcare is lengthy and far from efficient. Exchanging patient information securely between physicians working in the same hospital can take time. Communicating with physicians from another establishment takes even longer.

When two physicians from different hospitals need to communicate directly or transfer patient files, the delay is often too long to be of value. The need to communicate in real time is essential, but the burden of distance puts a halt to many exchanges.

Direct communication can sometimes be the difference between life and death. Literally. Instant communication allows physicians to exchange thoughts, information and important details concerning their patients in the blink of an eye. Eliminating intermediaries and privacy risks with a secure network increases efficiency immensely.

In an industry where security and time are of the essence, cloud-based solutions are the answer. They are available, essential, and gaining traction. The time to break healthcare communication barriers has arrived.


About PetalMD

PetalMD is a Canada’s largest and fastest growing physician-only online community. Founded in 2010, PetalMD offers a complete solution that simplifies physician scheduling at the department, clinic and hospital levels. This includes a secure messaging tool that allows for easy and quick communication that is completely secure. Our mission is to connect healthcare networks and provide physicians with tools that will  increase their productivity and efficiency throughout their scheduling workflow.

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