Why Do More Than 1,000 Canadian Surgeons Choose PetalMD?

On September 13-15, 2018, the PetalMD team will be attending the Canadian Surgery Forum to meet Canadian surgeons, including some of the 1,000 that already use our schedule management solution - Petal Scheduling. Earlier this year, we met Canadian surgeons at the National Capital General Surgery Symposium in Ottawa, where we had the opportunity to exchange ideas with some of our users.

Why surgical departments across Canada show a preference for PetalMD’s scheduling solution? And why a growing number of surgical departments opted to adopt our scheduling solution?

A Tool Adapted to the Surgeons' Reality

One of the key elements that explains Petal Scheduling's success with Canadian surgeons is the fact that we always consult with our users (the medical specialists) during the development of new features. Thanks to this privileged collaboration between the Petal Scheduling development team and Canadian surgeons, we have an excellent understanding of the factors that impact the creation and management of surgical department schedules.

In addition to physician absences, surgery department rules, specific constraints for each surgeon, on-call coverage and surgeon specialties; the scheduler of a surgical medical service must also take into consideration the availability of operating rooms

With the schedule management solution Petal Scheduling, it is possible to configure rules so that the schedule also respects the targeted distribution of operating rooms. For example, it is possible to ensure that no surgical operation is assigned to a physician who as worked a previous night shift, or that an operative task X always has priority over operative task Y, or even that a minimum of one operating room per week is assigned to each surgeon.


10 Benefits of Petal Scheduling for Pediatricians in Hospital Settings

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Advantages for schedulers and surgeons

Time saved using a solution designed for physicians

Key features and benefits


For a Fair Distribution of Operating Rooms Among Surgeons

The Scheduling system can produce equity reports for a specific period of time. At the end of the planned period, the scheduler may, for example, produce a summary of the number of operating rooms assigned to each physician. This report can help the scheduler adjust the distribution of operating rooms during the next schedule creation.

In addition, when the scheduler is planning the creation of a new schedule, he/she can see the number of operative tasks assigned to each physician during the processes, which helps to fairly manage the distribution of operating rooms related to specific tasks.  Because Petal Scheduling is closely adapted to the reality that surgeons meet on a daily basis in their hospitals, it has become one of the most sought after scheduling tools for Canadian surgeons.

If you’re a surgeon, feel free to schedule a custom demo with one of our advisors to see how the Petal Scheduling software can make your work easier.

About the Canadian Surgery Forum

The Canadian Surgery Forum offers accredited continuing professional development and the opportunity to exchange ideas on various research topics through roundtables, workshops, debates and video sessions. The event also allows surgeons to network at various events such as the Suturing Challenge, Surgical Jeopardy and CSF Kitsch Party.


The following are some of the main participants: 

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