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Save up to 80% of the time you spend managing and distributing work shifts. Adopt PetalMD’s schedule management solution for physicians.

Ensure your members receive their expected shifts

Ensure your members receive their expected shifts

Create your group schedules easily using an automated process

Create your group schedules easily using an automated process

Instantly send and receive any changes made to schedules

Instantly send and receive any changes made to schedules

Did you know?

The main cause of burnout in physicians is the lack of control over their schedules and hours worked.

Improve your cardiology departement physicians' quality of life

Improve your cardiologists' quality of life

Creating schedules to accommodate physician preferences is an especially difficult task in cardiology departments. Nights, weekends, consecutive shifts, contracts with the hospital and fair distribution are just a few examples of the hurdles. PetalMD’s solution has proven its worth: it generates the best possible schedule according to the rules and constraints set by the scheduler.

“The software automatically creates a schedule with better-distributed shifts, which has a positive effect on physicians' work-life balance since they have more time to rest between their shifts.”
Dr Friesen
Peterborough Regional Health Centre emergency department
(30 years’ experience planning schedules)
Enjoy turnkey support

Enjoy turnkey support

A specialized advisor guides you through the implementation process from A to Z to offer you a solution that's tailored to your cardiology department. You then get access to unlimited technical support through our online request system and our phone hotline.

“The support team is excellent! I always get an answer within 24 hours of making a request, if not immediately.”
Dr Tse
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Scheduling solution for cardiologists
Simplify Schedule Creation and Management

Simplify Schedule Creation and Management

  • Fair distribution of nights, weekends and other shifts
  • Prioritization of work rules and physician preferences
  • Compliance with consecutive shift limits and spacing between each group
  • Excel-compatible equity reports
  • Instant notifications of schedule changes
  • Manual adjustment available at all times for full control over the schedule
Facilitate Communication Between Cardiology Department Physicians

Facilitate Communication Between Cardiologists

  • Access group schedules from any electronic device
  • Shift and task swaps between members (with or without the scheduler’s approval)
  • Autonomous absence entry
  • External calendar synchronization (Google, Outlook, etc.)
  • Virtual bulletin board to offer shifts to the whole group
  • Secure messaging to protect patient data and communicate confidentially

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Adopt PetalMD’s schedule management solution.

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