The PetalMD platform will facilitate the planning and management of your medical services during the pandemic


Detect breakdowns in dedicated COVID-19 care coverage and contact available resources instantly


Get an overview of the medical tasks related to COVID-19 to assign staff effectively

report health authority

Automatically generate certain reports required by authorities regarding COVID-19

Request Priority Deployment Effective Within 48 Hours

group schedules


Your COVID-19 care offer will be centralized, updated in real time and accessible from any device. Your medical teams will have access to a secure messaging system directly linked to a centralized contact directory.

Overview of what we do in 48 hours:

Create a "COVID-19" group schedule dedicated to on-call physicians

We will create a group schedule that will allow you to have a real-time view of on-call physicians dedicated to COVID-19, accessible from smartphones and connected to our secure messaging system. 

You will be able to use this group to plan reinforcements in intake and treatment of cases for all specialties. You will be able to manage the members of this group yourself. 


Create a "COVID-19" group schedule dedicated to clinical tasks

Facilities offering testing for the virus can use such a group schedule to schedule physicians who see patients for testing (often family physicians).

This schedule will be accessible from smart phones and connected to our secure messaging system. 

Create a "COVID-19" status associated with each medical staff member

From their profile, planned members will be able to indicate whether they are "available", "in quarantine", "off work" or any other status related to the pandemic. This status will allow you to know in real time the availability of your resources and automatically generate reports required by the department.

If you already have this information, we can import it into the PetalMD platform for you. 

Overview of functionality on mobile devices

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Create a communications group dedicated to the COVID-19 pandemic

Our secure messaging system is heavily used by the different specialties in times of crisis. Creating such a communication group will allow you to centralize all messages dedicated to the fight against COVID-19, to reach members directly on their mobile phones and to indicate certain messages as urgent.

Please note that, if you have access to PetalMD's secure messaging system, you can create this group yourself right now.

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