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For a better patient experience

“ We needed to modernize the management of our physician on-call schedules to improve the quality of care in our hospital. In certain critical situations this could even compromise patient safety. What we needed was a centralized and updated on-call list, accessible to all physicians and staff of the hospital in real time. This is exactly what PetalMD provided to us. ”


Doctor and director of the CHC Health Network


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“Having experimented with many systems, I can say that the PetalMD innovations really make a huge difference for both patients and hospital staff. From the moment my colleagues and I started using the platform, there was much less confusion and far fewer communication errors, particularly around scheduling and on-call issues. If more hospitals were to use this tool, I’m guessing it could make a significant impact on our healthcare system’s efficiency.”

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Chief Medical Information Officer, St. Joseph’s Health Centre Toronto

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“In less than a month, we saw a reduction of more than 90% of the number of people waiting outside our clinic each morning, which has meant a more manageable workload for our reception staff, particularly at peak hours.”

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Assistant Director, Laval Medical Centre, GMF-R (super-clinic)

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Because your time is precious

« The software automatically builds a schedule with shifts that are more spread out, which positively affects a physician’s work life balance as they have more time to rest between shifts.”


Physician and Chief Planner, Peterborough Regional Health Centre


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"We see that the application was developed by considering the daily operating mode of doctors: the users find it intuitive and do what they have to do without difficulty. The same goes for the solution’s administrative managers, who have quickly become autonomous with the tool,particularly when it comes to generating analytical tables, and informing or constraining on-call duty personnel."

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Director of Medical Affairs and Research, The Vinatier Hospital Center


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"PetalMD’s digital on-call list makes a big difference in the daily lives of our physicians, nurses, administrative staff and even patients, because real-time synchronization impacts coordination efficiency so much. Now, everyone is assured of having the right information regarding on-call availabilities and physician schedules, including the medical affairs department."


Administrative Director, Medical Affairs, Humber River Hospital

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“ Many thanks for all of Petal’s help over the past years in making all our lives a little easier! ”

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Cardiologist, Mcgill University ET Dr Hing-Sang Hum Clinic



Team coordination is key

“It’s really easy for me to see which physician is on-call and to access the contact information of my colleagues. Everything is accessible from my phone and up-to-date.”


Grand River Hospital

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“We were impressed that physicians could actually exchange shifts between themselves and communicate patient information through the secure encrypted messaging model. For example, it is very easy for an emergency physician to call a colleague on their mobile phone or ask their opinion on a patient photo sent through the secure encrypted messaging application.”


Administrative Director, Medical Affairs, Humber River Hospital


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“When my team and I started using the PetalMD interface and mobile application to trade shifts, the number of emails exchanged for each modification dropped, and so did the time spent manually transcribing the information. Every change is automatically applied to the schedule and the on-call list. Everything is synched together. This feature truly feels designed for hospital reality.”

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Chief Medical Information Officer, St. Joseph’s Health Centre Toronto

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A team at your service

"The implementation took place in less than a month and without training for 95% of the users. Although a session was organized to reassure staff who were less comfortable with smartphones. Currently, more than 99% of physicians are satisfied."

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Project Manager - Human Resources Information System, The Vinatier Hospital Center


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"Thank you so much for your support while we prepared for the launch of PetalMD at our clinic. We really appreciated how quick you were to respond to our concerns and the time you took to investigate issues with us."


Administrative assistant, University of Ottawa Health Services


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