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Physician Scheduling Software

PetalMD makes the scheduling task a whole lot easier.

Whether it's for oncall, clinic or office tasks, quickly plan your group's schedules; respect your members' time management considerations such as absences, equity and constraints.

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Absence management

Free yourself of emails, phone messages and scraps of paper containing absence requests. Make your planning easier with customized categories and absence limit management.

With a few clicks on their phones, group members add absences to their own calendars before you begin the planning process.

Absence Management
Schedule Creation

Schedule creation

Forget spreadsheet hassles, with PetalMD you can block tasks, set up equity counters and define parameters for tasks, members and work teams.

Schedule Publication

With one click, your schedule is published to all members of your group and possibly to the hospital dashboard.

Forget printouts and email attachments; everyone now has the schedule on their computer and phone.

Schedule Publication
Task Switching

Task switching

Switching, swapping, transfers and exchanges… Whatever you call it, you can do it with PetalMD.

Physicians can transfer or exchange tasks one-on-one or offer them up to group members on the marketplace. Tasks can also conveniently be split in two.


All task and absence related activities can be viewed on PetalMD. Email notifications can be configured according to your preferences.

Group members are notified when a new schedule is published.



Dramatically reduce errors that paper schedules can't prevent. Eliminate calls to physicians that aren't oncall so they finally get a good night's sleep!

All information, such as schedule events or even a physician's phone number, are instantaneously updated on all platforms.

Case Study

How a Physician Scheduling Solution Saves Time and Improves Emergency Group satisfaction

How scheduling technology has saved scheduling time, improved staff quality of life and physician performance for emergency groups

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Your medical team can save even more time with these useful features.
Secure Messaging

Secure messaging

Keep your conversations private and confidential. With the mobile app, messaging is as simple as texting, and it's secure. Discuss with a single colleague, a few members or your whole team.

Document Sharing

Document sharing

Share documents in your group's dedicated document library. Create folders and subfolders containing documents that can be accessible anywhere. Manage your group's documents knowing that your members can always access the lastest information.

Healthcare Networking

Healthcare networking

Communications aren't limited to your team. You can also interact with other healthcare professionals that use PetalMD such as classmates or people you met at a conference or seminar.

Continuous Medical Education

Continuous Medical Education

Search through conferences, seminars, training sessions that are available to you. Get relevant information, sign up and attend events.

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