Streamline your medical clinic’s management practices

PetalMD joined forces with physicians to build an online booking solution that maximizes operational efficiency in clinics.

Reduce the number of missed appointments

Reduce the number of missed appointments

Dispatch automated, personalized email, text message or phone reminders and receive patient confirmations.

Improve your time management

Improve your time management

Eliminate the scheduling conflicts caused by double booking and synchronize available time slots with your appointment offerings.

Lighten your workload

Lighten your workload

Put your administrative staff to work on priority tasks by significantly reducing the hours they spend fielding phone calls.

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Easy to install and adopt

“Our progressive implementation strategy for the PetalMD solution called for a gradual increase in the number of available time slots posted to our website. We had planned to start by making 40% of our walk-in slots available online and increasing the offer to 75% after one or two months of use.

But the solution was so easy to use and our patients adopted it so quickly that we found ourselves scheduling nearly all our walk-in appointments through PetalMD after only two weeks of use.”

Ghislaine Bilodeau
Assistant Director, Centre Médical Laval
Solution de rendez-vous en ligne pour cliniques médicales
Online Patient Booking

Turnkey Support

Our team integrates PetalMD’s online booking solution into your website, helps configure your solution and provides communication tools intended to expedite service adoption. We can also build your website if you don’t already have one.

90% of Canadians say they would book a medical appointment online, yet only 7% of Canadian physicians offer such a service.2

Discover the benefits of a fully integrated online appointment booking and management solution

  • Compatible for EMR synchronization
  • Customizable time slot availability
  • Automated phone line
  • Usage statistics
  • Website integration
  • No patient fees
  • Documents attached to patient reminders
  • Real-time appointment status monitoring

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