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PetalScheduling - Scheduling Solution for Physicians

Over 35,000 physicians use Petal Scheduling to create and manage their schedules

Petal Scheduling addresses the complexity of physician scheduling with an automated and flexible script that saves the scheduler time while giving full control through manual adjustments.

The schedule is produced quickly, shared instantly, accessible from any device and updated in real-time when shifts are traded. Request a free live demo to see for yourself how Petal Scheduling can fit the reality of your medical service.

Request a live demo to see how:

  • Schedules are generated using an automated script that respects both physicians’ absences and the rules of the medical service
  • Physicians can send absence and shift change requests directly from any device
  • The scheduler maintains control over the script and requested changes at all times
  • Entry of absences by physicians is done directly from the calendar
  • Every scheduled user can get notifications when changes are made
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