Here is a guide on how to select a booking solution that best fits your clinic’s needs.


Running a medical practice efficiently is a challenge. It requires a continuous balance between managing staff, keeping costs under control, complying with regulations and keeping patients satisfied. This is why many clinics are turning to technology to help optimize their operations and provide their patients more efficient access to health care.

Investing in technological solutions is an important decision to make. This whitepaper showcases the following:

  • How to detect when your clinic needs an online booking solution
  • The benefits of these solutions for clinics and patients
  • The key elements to look for in an online patient booking solution
  • What to consider when adopting software

The software automatically builds a schedule with shifts that are more spread out, which positively affects a physician’s work life balance as they have more time to rest between shifts.

Dr. Dale Friesen

Master planner at Peterborough Regional Health Centre

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