How can medical clinics with walk-in patient consultations take advantage of an online booking solution?

This case study is about the Centre Médical Laval, a medical clinic with 19 physicians giving 750 walk-in patient consultations per week. This document is for clinics with walk-in patient consultations searching for a way to streamline their management with a new tool, just as the Centre Médical Laval did.


This case study contains:

  • An overlook of online booking in Canada.
  • Data regarding the reduction of no-shows and time-saving advantages that comes with an automated solution.
  • Authentic testimonials from the Director and the Assistant Director of the Centre Médical Laval.
  • Information about the staff’s and the patient’s satisfaction.

Petal Booking really changed the way we work. It took less than a month for us to see a 90% drop in the number of people waiting outside the clinic each morning, which has meant a more manageable workload for our reception staff, particularly at peak hours

Ghislaine Bilodeau

Assistant Director, Centre Médical Laval

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