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Statistics Analytics Dashboards Staff Console
Statistics help you track the activity of your staff on your console and offers tools to ensure better management of your healthcare institution.
Physicians Tasks Dashboards Emergency Gynecology Cardiology
The on-call list is updated in real time and allows quick and direct access to on-call physicians, helping staff to react quickly to requests.
Absences View Status Medical Staff
The absences view gives additional information on the status of the medical staff of your healthcare facility.
Contact Information Phone Directory  Updated

The phone directory makes it easy to update contact information for all physicians, reducing the risk of communication errors.

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"Many physicians adopted the tool very quickly. We saw them switching their on-call shifts as soon as the tool was made available and we noted that, since the deployment, the risk of on-call failure has greatly diminished."

Sébastien Barthélémy, Director of IT Services

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"For our hospital, the PetalMD solution has been a real breath of fresh air because it allows physicians to swap shifts by themselves, which is reflected in the low level of management involvement. In addition, the real-time management of equity charts eliminates the risk of human error associated with manual data entry in different medias."

Florence Grellet, Director of Medical Affairs and Research

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"The deciding factor to go with PetalMD was to have all the departments on one platform and the ability to access your schedule from home, on your smartphone, anywhere, anytime."

Chief of Staff



"The wow experience is that the IT department hasn’t heard anything since the implementation of PetalMD, which means that it is working fine."

Chief Information Officer

"On a scale of 1 to 10, the experience in developing the departmental consoles with PetalMD's team is 15. They patiently set up each module for every department, answering all the questions, being available early morning, late at night, according to the physician’s availability. This has been a major factor in our success story."

Executive Assistant to the Medical Chief of Staff



"It’s really easy for me to see which physician is on-call and to access the contact information of my colleagues. Everything is accessible from my phone and up-to-date."

Physician, Grand River Hospital

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Explore All Petal On-Call Features

Real-time centralized diffusion of on-call listsdetails

  • View all hospital professional contact information, schedules, and on-call lists on a single dashboard.
  • Eliminate the need for intermediaries with direct communication.

Easy access to information for all hospital staffdetails

  • Access and modify the information on the platform in real-time, from any device.
  • Configure the on-call list view to fit the needs of different groups, such as phone operators, hospital direction, physicians, and hospital staff.

Centralized on-call lists and clinical shifts details

  • Consolidate physician departments on-call and clinical schedules.
  • Automatically synchronize on-call lists to the hospital dashboard.
  • Eliminate the need for manual transcriptions and outdated paper copies.

Secure communication and file exchange centerdetails

  • Share messages and documents internally via a secure platform that encrypts data.
  • Send messages to all staff, a list of recipients, or individuals.
  • Ensure physicians don’t use messaging workarounds by making it easy for them to conform with industry confidentiality norms, including HIPPA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, and other privacy and security standards.
  • Get peace of mind from knowing our safeguards include data encryption at all levels, secure private server with backup, strict security protocols, and third-party security audits.

Data collection, visualization, and analytics toolsdetails

  • Collect and centralize operational and service data.
  • Specify metrics.
  • Monitor performance.

What You Get

When you choose to work with PetalMD, you get the full support of an entire team dedicated to your success. Your satisfaction is at the core of our mission and we support your team throughout implementation, launch, and post-launch training.

Petal On-Call - Case Study - Planning Management Physicians
Case study

Simplify the Planning and Management of On-Call Physicians

In hospitals, lack of communication can cause a ripple effect of adverse outcomes and ultimately compromise a patient’s health, especially when trying to reach on-call physicians during emergency situations.

As healthcare continues to move towards a healthIT supported care continuum, it’s important to understand how hospitals such as Le Vinatier were able to improve communication between hospital administrative staff and on-call physicians with modern technology.

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