Find out how PetalMD facilitates access to care and the management of providers in healthcare networks. Our solutions provide an accurate view of your organization's medical workforce supply, allowing you to respond more efficiently to the demand for care while reducing administrative costs.

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Medical Workforce Supply Management
Ensure optimal care coverage

Your care supply management is centralized, updated in real time and remotely accessible from any device. It becomes easier to plan care coverage and mobilize medical teams.

  • Better patient management

  • Simplification of administrative processes

  • Reduction of costs and delays

On-Call Switchboard
Patient Appointment Scheduling Platform

Patient Demand Management
Facilitate access to screening and immunization

Patients can book appointments online through a portal for optimal and secure access to care. Patient demand is easier to manage through PetalMD’s portal because it aggregates patient data with the availability of primary care.

  • Optimization of appointment management

  • Decrease in call volume

  • Better patient experience

Satisfied Customers

"To avoid confusion in schedules or having unassigned shifts, we have set up "COVID" shifts in the PetalMD solution. We were able to easily schedule our physicians who work in the assessment center. With the PetalMD solution, everything is in one place and it really helps us to stay organized.”

Patty Aldrich, Executive Assistant, Medical Affairs, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (ON, Canada)

"We are pleased to see that PetalMD has met the challenges of managing the on-call lists of our four facilities and have consistently optimized the processes within the organization. I would also add that for the COVID-19 crisis that has been raging since the beginning of 2020, the PetalMD hospital platform is a tool that has become central in the management of the medical manpower of the dedicated units.”

Julien Pierard, Project Manager, Medical Affairs, Groupe Santé CHC (Belgium)

"The PetalMD hospital platform has allowed us to reach physicians in our network more easily and quickly. We also created a virtual documentation center to share documents concerning the pandemic plan and to track information regarding COVID-19 screening.”

Marjorie Pigeon, Administrative Director of Medical Services, Vitalité Health Network (NB, Canada)

“Throughout the whole pandemic and prior to, the customer service that I received from PetalMD is second to none! The staff are so attentive, so very understanding and are very helpful in any situation. Whether I call them or email them, someone is always available to lend a helping hand. I never feel as though I am waiting forever for an answer.”

Patty Aldrich, Executive Assistant, Medical Affairs, St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (Canada)

How We Optimize Care Supply Management

PetalMD’s technology solutions provide real-time information on the activities or availability of health professionals in a healthcare network. This provides a clear picture of the care supply management and thus offers optimal access to care.

COVID19 Hospital Shift Management

The PetalMD platform allows the creation of schedules for the various medical services, which are then centralized and visible from the hospital console. Care teams and managers thus consult a real-time portrait of the health care workforce supply, which facilitates the reallocation of resources and allows them to respond more effectively to patient demand.

COVID-19 Primary Care

PetalMD's appointment scheduling portal allows patients to make appointments at any time. Requests are centralized and the system ensures that patients are seen by the right healthcare professional at the right time. The result is optimized time slots, significant time savings for administrative staff and faster patient treatment.


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