See how the French hospital Le Vinatier digitized and modernized the planning and management of its physician on-call services.

The PetalMD solution was chosen by Le Vinatier for its uniqueness and implemented in just a few weeks. The results were dramatic. An on-call schedule was produced for an eight-month period using an automated procedure, and physicians began to swap shifts independently, without administrative intermediaries and without any risk of error.


This case study shows how hospitals can take advantage of:

  • Automated Planning
  • Real-time Physicians Schedules Update
  • On-Call Swaps Between Physicians
  • Equity Reports

The implementation was completed in less than a month and 95% of users needed no training. A session was set up to reassure staff who are less comfortable with smartphones. Currently, more than 99% of physicians are satisfied. 

Patrick Clares

Project Manager at Le Vinatier, Human Resources Information System

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