Petal On-Call revolutionizes the way the on-call schedules and clinical shifts are consolidated. 

The innovative solution aggregates and shares on-call list and clinical shifts for all physician departments and medical services on a single dashboard. Hospital’s healthcare professionals can access a real-time overview of all on-call physicians at anytime from anywhere.


During this free demo you will see how Petal On-Call:

  • Updates on-call lists in real-time and distributes them to designated staff (director of medical affairs, administrative staff, residents, etc.) 
  • Consolidates the on-call schedules of physicians in different groups: intensive care, emergency, obstetrics, cardiology, oncology, etc.
  • Automatically creates a list of on-call physicians based on the aggregated schedule
  • Provides centralized access to on-call schedules and lets you communicate quickly and efficiently with on-call physicians
  • Digitally archives on-call lists 

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The implementation was completed in less than a month and 95% of users needed no training. A session was set up to reassure staff who are less comfortable with smartphones. Currently, more than 99% of physicians are satisfied. 

Patrick Clares

Project Manager at Le Vinatier Hospital, Human Resources Information System

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