Xacte sends to the RAMQ more than 4 million payment requests annually. More than 99% of these payments, which are received by our clients, are in line with the requests submitted.

Speed Up Your Billing Process

Thanks to our innovative features, such as the electronic castonguette and billing grid, Xacte allows you to enter your payment requests in less than 10 seconds.


Avoid Payment Refusals

The system automatically detects errors and incompatibilities in entered codes before submitting the payment claims to the RAMQ. This eliminates potential payment refusals, as well as time-consuming bill correction. You can be assured of the accuracy of your billing data with automatic validation and additional verification by our experts.


Bill According to Your Reality

Our tool offers exclusive benefits tailored to your medical practice. You can: simplify the patient enrollment process with the RAMQ, customize billing codes for your practice, create payment requests from your electronic medical records (EMR) which will help you to avoid double data entry, and access comparative reports.


Benefit From a Fast and Efficient Advisory Service

Our job is above all to listen to your needs, respond quickly to your requests and provide you with superior advice. From day one you will receive personalized service from our team of specialists and quick technical support tailored to your needs.


Manage Your Billing From Your Mobile Device

Xacte is available in both Web and mobile versions (iOS and Android). The mobile application allows you to automatically enter the patient’s Health Insurance Number (NAM) by scanning the information from a Health Insurance Card or document.


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