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Increase patient access with Online Patient Booking

Improve your clinic's efficiency by easily managing walk-in and regular appointments.
  • Manage patient and physician schedules on a single platform
  • Automatically send confirmation and appointment reminders when a booking is made
  • Synchronize all essential patient information immediately to your EMR
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Online booking available on your website

Reduce operational costs

Your patients can easily book an appointment directly on your website, hence reducing the number of incoming calls and saving time for both staff and patients.


Walk-in appointment management

Maximize accessibility for all patients

Depending on your clinic's preferences, walk-ins can be open to your patients only or to the general public as well.

This system allows walk-in availabilities to be offered online as well as over the phone to ensure maximum accessibility for all patients. It leads to an efficient clinic workflow and greatly reduces operational costs.

Customizable regular appointment management

Personalize your appointment schedule

Customize the length and type of appointments offered according to your preferences, your patients, and your availabilities.


Automated confirmations and reminders

Effortless Reminders

Automatically send your patients confirmations and reminders of their upcoming appointment in order to reduce no-show rates.

Compatible with major EMRs

EMR Friendly

Automatically synchronize basic appointment information to your EMR. Our online patient booking solution can also be used autonomously without an EMR.


Patient booking and physician availabilities on a single platform

Fast and easy access to all your data

Centralize patients appointments and physicians schedules with our scheduling software. You can synchronize physician availabilities and preferences with appointments offered to patients while keeping your EMR updated in real-time.

Case Study

How a Physician Scheduling Solution Saves Time and Improves Emergency Group satisfaction

How scheduling technology has saved scheduling time, improved staff quality of life and physician performance for emergency groups

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Your medical team can save even more time with these useful features.
Secure Messaging

Secure messaging

Keep your conversations private and confidential. With the mobile app, messaging is as simple as texting, and it's secure. Discuss with a single colleague, a few members or your whole team.

Document Sharing

Document sharing

Share documents in your group's dedicated document library. Create folders and subfolders containing documents that can be accessible anywhere. Manage your group's documents knowing that your members can always access the lastest information.

Healthcare Networking

Healthcare networking

Communications aren't limited to your team. You can also interact with other healthcare professionals that use PetalMD such as classmates or people you met at a conference or seminar.

Continuous Medical Education

Continuous Medical Education

Search through conferences, seminars, training sessions that are available to you. Get relevant information, sign up and attend events.

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  • Simple absence and vacation submittals
  • Personalized group calendar tools
  • Free mobile application
  • And a few other perks…
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