Discover the on-call management solution used by over 40,000 healthcare professionals in more than 200 health facilities

With the Petal On-Call solution, the on-call availability of physicians and their contact information is centralized, easy to access and updated in real-time. This centralization saves valuable time for various hospital stakeholders and provides an overview of on-call coverage.

Petal-On-Call Product Sheet

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  • A detailed description of every available feature, including screenshots that provide a concrete overview of the interface and the user experience
  • The benefits for hospital managers, physicians, nurses and administrative staff
  • A preview of the data you could get by digitizing physician schedules
  • An example distribution of access rights between different user types such as nurses, physicians, phone operators, chief of staff and managers. 

Many physicians adopted the tool very quickly. We saw them switching their on-call shifts as soon as the tool was made available and we noted that, since the deployment, the risk of on-call failure has greatly diminished.

Director of IT Services

Centre hospitalier Le Vinatier (France)

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