Our flexible, per-provider pricing allows you to easily add or remove users as needed. Explore the two pricing plans to find the option that best matches your organization's needs. Residents, interns and students are eligible for a 50% discount on monthly licenses.


Manual Scheduling with Shift Swaps


Automated Rules Based Scheduling

Access to schedules from all devices

Real-time reporting of assigned shifts

Instant notifications about schedule changes

Mobile Application for iOS and Android

Shift swaps between members (with or without the scheduler's approval)

External calendar synchronization (Google, Outlook, etc.)

Visual scheduling tool showing each member's absences and non-availabilities

Marketplace - virtual bulletin board to offer shifts to the whole group

Excel-compatible equity reports

Division of work shifts for more flexible assignments and transfers

Absence management

Automated scheduling that upholds business rules, personal request and absences

Consideration of member preferences in shift distribution

Equitable distribution of specific shifts among team members

Templates for typical week periods to streamline the creation of upcoming schedules

A free administrative staff access is included for each provider group. Additional administrative staff accesses available for $25/month/user.
One-time deployment fees apply.

Add-Ons Optional

Locums and Part-Time

For providers with no more than one shift scheduled per week.  

Public Access

Allow all staff to access a read-only version of team schedule without them paying for a full license.

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