Discover Why Thousands of Canadian Physicians Chose Petal Scheduling

Creating and managing physician schedules comes with a unique set of challenges. Schedulers must take into account a multitude of factors: on-call coverage, individual contracts, absences, subspecialties, personal constraints, etc.

Meeting these challenges with the latest technology can create unprecedented benefits on a professional and personal level for each physician of the medical service. Download this whitepaper to learn how you and your medical team could benefit from the physician schedule management solution Petal Scheduling.

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This whitepaper explains how:
  • Schedulers can save up to 100 hours a year using Petal Scheduling automated planning
  • Physicians can take advantage of Petal Scheduling to improve their quality of life
  • The features of Petal Scheduling can deliver each of the 10 benefits highlighted

The software automatically builds a schedule with shifts that are more spread out, which positively affects a physician’s work life balance as they have more time to rest between shifts

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