Save time creating and managing your schedule and collaborate more efficiently with your group.

  • Save time and effort with schedule creation
  • Stay in control of your group’s constraints
  • Give access to your schedule on any device
  • Make everyone happy with task assignments and transfers
  • Keep in touch with your teammates
  • Improve your team communication and collaboration

Stay in control of your schedule and save time.

Easy absence management, personalized and automated schedules.

Discover all the powerful features of our scheduling software.

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Scheduling software for physicians

PetalMD makes the scheduling task a whole lot easier.

Our scheduling software allows you to quickly plan your group’s schedules and respect your members’ time management considerations such as absences, equity, and constraints.

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Absence management

Save time and effort

Free yourself of emails, phone messages and scraps of paper containing absence requests. Make your planning easier and save hours of tedious planning. Reduce the time of creating and maintaining schedules by up to 90%.

Allow the physicians in your group to submit their absences, non-availabilities and vacations themselves. They can do so with a few clicks on their phones before you begin the planning process. These demands are automatically integrated during your schedule creation.

Absence management

Schedule creation

Stay in control

We understand: you are the planner. The schedule created by the software is only a starting point: don’t be afraid, you stay in control and will always have the last word. As some of life’s intricacies can only be dealt with by a human, you can always bypass any suggested assignments. You can block tasks, set up equity counters and define parameters for tasks, members, and work teams.

Physician Schedule Creation

Schedule publication

Give access to your schedule on any device

With a click, your schedule is published to all members of your group and possibly to the hospital dashboard. Forget printouts and email attachments: everyone now has the schedule available directly on their computer and smartphone.

Physician Schedule Publication

Task switching, transfer and constraints

Make everyone happy

Schedule creation respects your members’ specific constraints (absences, non-availabilities and so on). Once published, the schedule can be easily updated in real time. Physicians can transfer or exchange tasks one-on-one or offer them up to group members on the marketplace. Tasks can also conveniently be split in two.

Task exchange and transfer


Stay in touch

Email notifications can be configured according to your preferences. Group members are notified when a new schedule is published or updated.

Notifications and Reminders


Improve your team communication

Dramatically reduce errors and prevent outdated information or duplicates. All information, such as schedule events or even a physician’s phone number, are instantaneously updated. Members can easily communicate through a secure messaging channel.

Synchronize Calendar