Online Appointment Booking

Increase patient accessibility and easily manage walk-in and regular appointments with our online patient booking solution.

  • Manage patient and physician schedules on a single platform
  • Automatically send confirmation notices and appointment reminders when a booking is made
  • Synchronize all essential patient information immediately in your EMRs

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Online appointment booking

Physician Scheduling Software

Save time creating and managing your schedule through more efficient collaboration with your group.

  • Scheduled updates appear in real time to every physician within your group
  • Receive physician non-availabilities in a single place
  • Allow physicians to swap shifts according to your specifications

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Physician scheduling software | Productivity solutions for physicians

Hospital On-Call List Dashboard

Get easy access to the hospital’s on-call list, updated in real-time, wherever you are.

  • Reach the right on-call physician, every time
  • Access the list from a web-based platform or the mobile application
  • Automatically synchronizes updated department on-call schedules to the hospital-wide list

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Hospital Dashboard - Productivity solutions for hospitals