Find Out How the Surgeons at the Jewish General Hospital Simplify Their Schedule Management.

Composed of 15 surgeons and 23 residents and assistants, the General Surgery Department of the Jewish General Hospital is located in Montreal, Canada.

The person in charge of the schedule within the department must plan general surgery and endoscopy tasks in two different sites, while taking into account the availability of operating rooms, resident’s schedules and each surgeon’s constraints.

Once implemented and adopted, Petal Scheduling has helped automate the creation of their schedules and simplify shift exchanges, all while providing a better understanding of the physician-resident relationships within the surgery department.


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The document shows how the general surgery department at the Jewish General Hospital simplify their schedule management. It discusses:

  • The optimal distribution of the surgeon workload between two sites
  • The improvement of the management and the communication in the physician-resident relationship
  • The decreasing of time needed to make schedule changes
  • The assurance of full coverage for shifts and tasks

Planning a schedule for 15 surgeons on-site and off-site is no easy task, especially when you have to take into account factors such as: operating room availability, residents, absences, types of surgery, on-call coverage, and so on. Petal Scheduling significantly reduced the time I spent planning, by automatically creating a schedule that takes into account all these variables, while at the same time allowing me to adjust each shift as I see fit.

Chief of General Surgery

Jewish General Hospital

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