• Petal Scheduling | Software Overview

    See how the Petal Scheduling makes it easier to plan, distribute and manage physician schedules, all the while taking into account the specific challenges of medical departments.
  • Petal Scheduling | Guided Tour

    Watch this video to get a concrete overview of the interface and user experience, and a detailed demonstration of the main available feature.
  • Petal Scheduling | Benefits

    See why the scheduler saves dozens of hours because it’s so easy to create, manage and disseminate schedules, and how physicians get more freedom and an up-to-date schedule.
  • Petal Booking | Software Overview

    See how Petal Booking's features facilitate access to health care services, lighten administrative workloads, and make medical clinics more efficient.
  • Petal Booking | Benefits

    Medical clinics that don’t have an online booking solution can find it difficult to manage their daily operations. Did you know it doesn’t have to be this way? Watch this video to see why.
  • Petal On-Call | Benefits

    Did you know that your on-call lists can have a direct impact on the quality of your hospital’s services? See how Petal On-Call improves staff efficiency, quality of life for its physicians, data security and patient care.
  • Petal On-Call | Presentation of the Solution

    Learn how Petal On-Call centralizes physician schedules to automatically generate an on-call list, reduce operating costs and improve patient care.
  • PetalMD | Conference JIQ 2018

    As part of the JIQ, held November 13, 2018 in Quebec City PetalMD Director of Innovation Francis Robichaud had the honor to give the presentation "The urgency of digitizing the healthcare system in Quebec."
  • PetalMD | Winner of Best Healthcare Solution

    The Channel Innovation Awards recognize the achievements of Canadian companies that are using technology to address the challenges found in the health sector. PetalMD stood out and won the award.
  • PetalMD | Innovator at StarTech

    Watch Patrice Gilbert, PetalMD’s CEO, interviewed by Star Tech, a division of Technopolys, on the role of private companies in improving Quebec’s healthcare system. (Audio in French, subtitles in English.)
  • Petal Scheduling | Advanced Plan Presentation

    The Advanced plan from Petal Scheduling has been specifically designed for hospital-based medical specialty departments to allow physicians in charge of schedules to minimize the time they spend on administrative management.
  • Petal Scheduling | Why Equity Matters in Shift Distribution

    Since each medical team is unique, there is no universal recipe for creating a schedule for physicians which distributes shifts fairly. However, each group of physicians can find their own equity recipe.
  • Petal Scheduling | Automated Planning

    What is automated scheduling and how can your group of doctors can take advantage of this feature?
  • Petal Scheduling | 8 Ways to Convince Your Colleagues to Go Digital

    The PetalMD team shares 8 tips to convince your colleagues to adopt a digital scheduling solution based on their 10 years of experience.
  • CHI de Créteil Testimonial | Paris Healthcare Week 2019

    Watch the testimony of CHI's Director of Human Resources at the 2019 edition of Paris Healthcare Week about the physician scheduling solution developed by PetalMD.
  • Hawkesbury and District General Hospital Testimonial | E-Health 2019

    A Chief of Staff explains the challenges that her health care facility has been able to effectively address by centralizing physician schedules.
  • PetalMD | Winner of Artificial Intelligence Disruptor of the year

    PetalMD team was awarded the prestigious Artificial Intelligence Disruptor Award during the Digital Transformation Conference and Award Ceremony, held in Toronto on August 8th, 2019.