Centralizing physician schedules savings

The PetalMD team has developed an analytical model that estimates the savings made by hospitals that digitize and centralize physicians’ schedules based on testimonials and data from different health facilities. Download this document to

  • See in detail what savings are generated for each step of schedule management
  • Evaluate the benefits of aggregating physician schedules without necessarily hiring additional staff
  • Understand the complex process of physician scheduling in health facilities
  • Discover how technology helps improve the overall coordination of care

We see that the application was developed by considering the daily operating mode of doctors: the users find it intuitive and do what they have to do without difficulty. The same goes for administrative managers, who have quickly become autonomous with the tool, particularly when it comes to generating analytical tables, and informing or constraining on-call duty personnel."

Director of Medical Affairs and Research

Centre hospitalier Le Vinatier (France)