Xacte Success Statistics
health professional users 4,000 Health professional users
xacte-icon-conformity 99 Payments in conformity with the claims submitted
Xacte Customer Satisfaction 99 Of customers who choose Xacte stay with Xacte
Quebec Psychiatrists 70 Of Quebec psychiatrists use Xacte

How The Xacte Solution Can Help You

Xacte Psychiatrists


Adopt the same tool as 70% of Quebec psychiatrists and benefit from access to exclusive comparative reports.

Xacte Medical Specialists

Medical Specialists

Use menus, billing codes and features customized for your medical practice.

Xacte General Practitioners

General Practitioners

Create payment claims directly from your electronic medical records to avoid double data entry.

Xacte Medical Clinics, FMG and U-FMG

Medical Clinics, FMG and U-FMG

Benefit from a group discount and get a free module that simplifies the RAMQ patient registration process.



Use a tool recommended by the AOQ and benefit from a usage plan tailored to your real billing needs.

Xacte Residents


Receive comprehensive training in RAMQ medical billing and get 6 months free use of Xacte.

Why Xacte

Xacte Automatic NAM Scanning

Automatic NAM scanning (single or multiple), without requiring manual entry

Automatic error detection to avoid payment refusals

Automatic error detection to avoid payment refusals

Xacte Keyboard shortcuts and checklists specific to your specialty

Keyboard shortcuts and checklists specific to your specialty


Fast and simplified billing for procedures and diagnoses


Visualization of the amounts before sending to the RAMQ

Payment Claims EMR

Create payment claims directly from your EMR

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"I had a lot of worries at the beginning of my practice related to medical billing, but Xacte helped me along and still accompanies me in an exceptional way. Xacte is a personalized, proactive and humane service that has allowed me to avoid mistakes and has also helped me acquire a very good understanding of billing processes, a must for the self-employed. It is with confidence that I recommend this outstanding team."

Physician, Rouyn-Noranda Hospital

"It is not just contentment, but a pleasure to use your services, thank you. You realize that we want to dedicate our time to caring and that while we are happy to be paid, we don’t want to waste time."

Physician, Montreal Mental Health University Institute

"My experience with Xacte's mobile application is very positive. Using it is simple, fast and makes complex billing easy."

Physician, Saint-Eustache Hospital

"Every time I phoned, I was able to speak to a competent person who led me in my search for solutions. I am very grateful to Xacte for being able to support me in my medical billing process, for providing me with an easy and efficient system and for offering me a flawless service. I cannot help but recommend this company to my colleagues."

Physician, Laennec Clinic