Xacte Simplifies and Optimizes the RAMQ Medical Billing Process

Already used by more than 4,000 health professionals, including 70% of psychiatrists and 30% of optometrists in Quebec; Xacte saves valuable time by maximizing the simplification of the management of your medical billing.

This innovative solution is adapted to every medical specialty according to their reality and to the specific requirements of each specialty as determined by the RAMQ billing processes.

(video available in French only)  

Xacte mobile - L'outil de facturation - Finale

Request a Custom Demo and See How Xacte Allows You to:

  • Eliminate the risk of payment refusals thanks to a cutting-edge validation system
  • Make a payment claim in less than 10 seconds
  • Scan multiple NAM automatically using the mobile app
  • Display amounts before sending them to the RAMQ

The Xacte mobile application allows me to bill when and where I like. It is user friendly and saves me a lot of time! I do my billing on site after seeing each patient and I minimize my mistakes. The team is amazing! There is an help icon, and if you are having difficulty with anything, with a simple email they will respond to you in the same day.


Douglas Hospital

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